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Prayer Wall

I would like to pray for all of the Lord Jehovah's children to be aware and filled with the spirit of discernment and obedience. Individually, I would like to pray for my mother ....... 1. Marena M. Clunie 2. Dr. Paula C. Perez 3. Reyanna A. Clunie 4. Adam Lee Negron (ex) 5. Jessica Negron Adams wife 6. Raymond Anthony Clunie 7. All the children in churches 8. For my health 9. BreAnna Lee Sciancelepore 10. Barbie I pray for my the Clunies and as a whole and all the agriculture in the world and also the water and the air and for there to be more togetherness and off the web more please cutting down our trees is causing problems with my breathing. i love you
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Widjaikumar Ramdas
Me and my family members live in Suriname, South America. Me and my family members must to emigrate from Suriname, South America to the Netherlands- Europe Me and my family members must arrive- reach and live in Holland, The Netherlands- Europe Me and my family members must get the rights (nationality) in Holland, The Netherlands- Europe Me and my family members must get a cushy job, a very fulfilling job and a good paying job and work in Holland, The Netherlands - Europe That our daughter, Chandanie Ramdas, born on sep 27 1999 should be able to get married in the Netherlands - Europe. Her marriage must empowered by God's love and grace in order for to God's will be done. Miss Chandani, Mrs Karoena, Mr Rajendra, Mr Vedjindra, Mr Widjaikumar and Mrs Sattie Singh Needs a job early next year 2023-For our family financial system to make good. for our family will get out of trouble and debt! Mr Rajendra, Mr Vedjindra want the deliverance for drinking- alcohol and smoking-cigarette. Mrs. Soesiela Awadhpersad want her healing from her kidney not functioning well. Mrs Soesiela Awadhpersad like her healing from her ureter functioning not well and her urinary tract not functioning well.
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my wife has a blood infection that needs to be treated and she was at the hospital most of the day on Monday getting her labs done and the doctors said that the blood work was good but then today we get a call that says there was infection in her blood stream however the doctor told us that if she needed to come back and she was feeling worse to get to the er as fast as she could please keep my wife alicia lallement in your prayers
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Jim DelVecchio
I've been encouraged to keep asking and keep knocking - Lord Jesus please hear my plead –for a breakthrough that our communication will be reestablished. First and foremost, I’m asking the Lord to forgive me for my sin and for hurting my wife Maria and not covering her and our marriage in prayer daily. I should have been a better husband – I take responsibility for failing God and my wife. I'm also requesting pray that God would send a stranger, a co-worker someone that would witness to my wife to her about the salvation that's available to her through Jesus Christ. I pray for her salvation most importantly. Thank you in Jesus Precious Name. Amen
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