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Our First Lady

Dr. Paula C. Childs

Like Pastor John, Dr. Paula C. Childs grew up mentored in ministry by her parents. Her father was Pastor of St. Clara/Pointe of Praise Family Life Center in Kingston, NY for over forty-five years. Unlike 

the typical PK (preacher’s kid) who is disillusioned by what they see behind the scenes in ministry, Paulahasalways embraced a lifestyle of ministry, always serving enthusiastically and faithfully. Churchlife is “all she knows”. This is a testament to the sincerity and authenticity of her parents’ faith.

Paula’s family was warm, loving, supportive, with high standards of achievement. Paula’s early experiences in her church, St. Clara (now known as Pointe of Praise Family Life Center) were fertile ground for developing her public speaking, leadership and teaching skills. While still in her teens she taught Sunday school, sang in the choir and always served as one of the youth leaders.

Accordingly, in 1983, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and Psychology and a few years later started the King’s Kids, a community program for children ages three (3) to eighteen (18) and their parents. Its mission was to foster self-esteem by providing opportunities for talent discovery and development, leadership training, and scholarship incentives for educational excellence. Several years later, she created the King’s Kids Early Child Development Center, a brand new preschool for children ages 3-5, sponsored by the Ulster County Multi-Service Center, Inc.

After leaving education to work at IBM for nine years, she returned to the classroom. Paula received her master’s degree in reading in 1994, and immediately started work on her administrative certification, earning SAS (School administrator / Supervisor) and permanent SDA (School District Administrator) certifications in 1996. A year later she received National Board Certification in the area of Early Childhood. An avid learner, one of Paula’s proudest accomplishments was graduating in 2006 Summa Cum Laude with a Doctorate in Education from Seton Hall University.

Paula has garnered more than twenty-five years of experience, serving in various capacities in corporate, community non-profit organizations, in public education. Her education career has spanned positions with a broad scope of responsibilities ranging from Model Schools Coordinator at Ulster BOCES to Director of Instructional Support Director of Elementary Education to her most recent role of Principal of her alma mater John F. Kennedy Elementary school. In these roles, she has become intimately familiar with the needs of children, families, schools and her community and implemented “best practice” solutions.

In September 2018, Paula retired from public education to work in ministry full-time.  Throughout her impressive career, Paula continued to serve her church faithfully in a myriad of leadership roles covering every aspect of ministry.  One ministry project was starting a telephone prayer conference call five days a week. Participants call in from around the globe, including Africa.

Pastor John and Dr. Paula Perez: New Levels of Ministry Together

On December 18, 2010, Pastor John E. Perez and Dr. Paula C. Childs were married, providing the missing link to destiny for both their lives. Their union represents the joining of two legacies with common values and complimentary talents and experiences. After years of faithful service, On October 15, 2015, the leadership mantel of Faith Temple COGIC was passed to the dynamic duo- John and Paula Perez.

Their entire lives have been preparation for this call. They are both committed to follow Christ and their respective family ministry inheritances. Together, they are equipped with the full range of ministry gifts and experience. They are both highly successful professionals. Their family experiences complement each other, demonstrating personal victory in developing and maintaining wholeness in soul, spirit, relationships and community. Together, they model the knowledge, character traits and diligence required for holistic success in the workplace, life and ministry.

In unity, they go forward to actualize their ministry scripture:The voice of him that cries in the wilderness, Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for your God.”This highway will be one of restoration for the hurting. Pastor John often says “Even the most broken are never beyond God’s repair.” All they need to do is come to Faith Temple just as they are. They will be welcomed, loved, taught, equipped and challenged to live victoriously in Christ and reflect His image.


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