No More Sheet - Sow Far Gone 

No More Sheet - Sow Far Gone 

Author: Pastor John E. Perez
September 13, 2017

We need to take our spiritual dirty laundry down off of our spiritual clothes lines and rewash them in the Blood of Jesus.  Our churches are spending more time trying to brighten our “whites” that are hanging on the line so people think we are clean, but in fact they are as dirty as ground we walk on. Nothing can clean you like the Blood of Jesus. We are trying every means we can to clean ourselves to only make ourselves dirty once more. When we will realize that only Jesus can make us whiter than snow, not bleach. Only Jesus can make us smell sweeter than honey rather than just our favorite laundry detergent.

When we come to ourselves like the prodigal son and realize that being in a pig pen of life is not where we desire to be, then we will return to our Father’s house where He will place the robe of righteousness on us one more time. It’s time to remove the dirty sheets and cleanse them from the sin in your life with his Blood that can deliver and make you whole. Come to Jesus he will wash you afresh.




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